An End to Sectarianism

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On Tue, 17 Oct 1995, Maoist Internationalist Movement wrote:

> On Mon, 16 Oct 1995, Adam Bandt wrote:
> > Pat wrote:
> > > That's 1940 folks. There we have the thinking of Trotsky
> > > who puts his political fight with Stalin above the
> > > war against Hitler. In 1940 he is saying Stalin is a
> > > greater danger than Hitler and he is calling for civil war
> > > in the Soviet Union, while Hitler's troops are waiting
> > > to pounce.
> > >
> >
> > Hmmm... and boy, wasn't Stalin's line during the beginning of the
> > preceding decade - the suggestion that the german social democrats
> > were the main enemy - just soooo good.
> >
> Pat for MIM replies: By which you mean to point out Trotsky's
> inconsistencies, because he wanted alliance with social democrats
> with explicit anti-Soviet foreign policies, but he wanted
> war with the "Stalinist bureaucracy," right?

Uhm Pat . . . ? There's this time issue thingy here. Trotsky was
advocating an alliance with the Social Democrats before the rise of
Hitler (ala the United Front strategy adopted by the Comintern in 1921
and again in 1922). Trotsky thought Stalinism could be reformed back to
the path of workers' democracy *UNTIL* Stalin had the Communists ignore
the "flash in the pan" of real fascism to fight "social-fascism." This is
one of the great crimes against humanity and the socialist tradition.
What ever else you might be able to defend Stalin on, you can't here.

BTW, Stalin's "genorous" appraisal of himself, and mock humilty are very
touching. In fact, the Soviet people had been trying to replace the
butcher. Kirov was elected to head the party in 1934, though Stalin's
hacks stuffed the box. Then Kirov was assissinated by the GPU. The old
Bolsheviks were trying to get rid of Stalin, for which he had them tried
and killed. The people of Russia were trying to get rid of him, for which
he made war on them, and killed probably 3 million out right, and who
knows how many died in the gulags. Stalin stayed in power through
dirty politics and mass murder, not because the people of Russia wanted
him. In fact, Stalin was so hated at the time that the Nazi's were
welcomed as liberators, until they started killing everyone in sight.

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