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Tue Oct 17 13:56:37 MDT 1995

Doug Henwood <dhenwood at> wrote:

>I note the poster is from Hillsdale College, a stinkpot of reaction
located in Michigan that >refuses all federal funds out of ideological

Well at least the college is consistent with its ideology.  Hillsdale
College doesn't think that Doug Henwood should have to subsidize its
viewpoint.  Since my wages are confiscated from the government and my
money goes to such schools as Berkeley, I'm forced to sponsor an
institution in which I have no ideological agreement.

>It publishes the vile newsletter Imprimis, which afflicts subscribers
(like me- hey I like to >keep up with the right, and besides, it's
free!) with tedious articles like Margaret Thatcher's >reflections on
moral values.

As far as Imprimis and Hillsdale's overall academic goal, it is a
"conservative" school that teaches the Judeo-Christian ethics.  I have
profound moral disagreement with my school and Ms. Thatcher on
abortion, homosexuals, drugs, and pornography.  I attend Hillsdale
because it at least agrees that the State has no moral claim to my
property and money.  Is their any statist/Marxist publication that is
free?  I'm on this list so that I can know what the left espouses, but
a publication would also be enjoyable.

>As a matter of consistency, however, the poster should refuse to use
the Internet, which >would not exist had it not been for decades of US
government subsidies.

It is true that the Internet developed because of the Defense
Department.  It then grew to include private institutions such as
businesses and schools.  I would have prefered that the Internet had
had private origins.  Indeed something similiar, and no doubt superior,
would've developed anyways.  Since communication is vital to the
Defense Department and the defense of the borders is a facet of the
government that is morally justifiable (since it protects individual
rights instead of violating them)  the government's development of the
Internet is neither illegal or immoral.  Subsidies are cash payments
from the government to a person/instituion.   Hillsdale College
received no subsidy in order to hookup to the Internet.  There is no
reason why it can't link up with other instituions public or private.
What's scary about the government is that they think that they have the
right to regulate property, like the Internet, that is distinctly not
theirs.  Sadly, the U.S. Senate passed the Exon anti-Internet
resolution and many Republicans joined in as well.  If it weren't for
Speaker Gingrich stopping the bill in its tracks, we would not have the
Internet today that I enjoy participating in.

>Can we go invade some objectivism list and talk about the labor theory
of value?

I have found this list much more stimulating.  The posting is not
moderated so all viewpoints are welcome.  Don't you enjoy the debating
of core principles rather than micro dissection of a certain and often
inane subject?  Feel free to debate philosophical topics on the

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