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Tue Oct 17 13:05:06 MDT 1995

On Tue, 17 Oct 1995, Doug Henwood wrote:

> At 4:43 PM 10/16/95, Joshua Mercer wrote:
> >                      Ayn Rand
> >My left-wing friend introduced me to this list because the list of
> >discussion topics included my favorite philosopher Ayn Rand.  I've been
> >monitoring the debate for some time and seen no discussion of Rand and
> >would like to open the floor.  I am an admirer of Rand and will be
> >ready to defend her atheism, unfettered laissez-faire capitalism,
> >absolutism of reason, and ethics of rational self-interest.  Since I am
> >by no means an authority on Rand's works, I'll let her novels _Atlas
> >Shrugged_ and _The Fountainhead_ speak for themselves.  There is a
> >moderated debate of Objectivism, her philosophy, available at:
> >objectivism-request at vix.com
> Do we have to go through this again? Can we go invade some objectivism list
> and talk about the labor theory of value?
> I note the poster is from Hillsdale College, a stinkpot of reaction located
> in Michigan that refuses all federal funds out of ideological purity. It
> publishes the vile newsletter Imprimis, which afflicts subscribers (like me
> - hey I like to keep up with the right, and besides, it's free!) with
> tedious articles like Margaret Thatcher's reflections on moral values. As a
> matter of consistency, however, the poster should refuse to use the
> Internet, which would not exist had it not been for decades of US
> government subsidies.
> Doug

	Yes, Doug is right.... we have pretty much exhausted the subject
of Ayn Rand over here, at least for now... and after all, it IS a Marxism
board, and I'm not sure how Objectivists would feel about Marxists
invading their territory to discuss the falling rate of profit or the
labor theory of value, as Doug suggests.  Anyway, I'm one of those Rand
discussants -- and a writer on the subject -- that Joshua alludes to... and
belong to the Objectivist discussion board he mentions.  But even << I >>
know when to toe the line on Miss Rand over here!  Nevertheless, Joshua,
as far as I'm concerned, you're certainly welcome to stay if you'd like
to hear more about some pretty controversial subjects.
				- Chris
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