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Tue Oct 17 15:00:23 MDT 1995

On 17 Oct 1995, Jorge A. Diaz wrote:
>[On 17 Oct 1995, I (Otto) wrote]:
>> As long as the march excludes the women,
>>condemnation is my reaction. Is this totally
>>unreasonable to you?
>>Thanks for answering,
>That is entirely reasonable, but at the same time let's not kid ourselves
>here. From what I have seen in this list within th past few months, nat
>many women seem to be included here whether in terms of them replying or i=
>terms of the issues we discuss. In fact, I would like to hear from women
>and se what they think is the reaction by women, Black women who were
>"excluded" from the march. I believe it is fair to argue that more woman
>were in the march, though they weren't supposed to be there, in suport, in
>defense, and in order to be informed about what they may be criticizing
>later than are women included on this value-free Marxist list. I think we
>should look at our ow behavior here as "Marxists" of all varieties an
>analyze why the fuck women don't seem to be interested in the issues going
>on here. That sounds reasonable.
 The difference is that women are not asked to stay off the Marxism
list. Should this be the case, you can rest assured that I would stay
off as well.
 I think men should have stayed out of the march.

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