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Tue Oct 17 17:55:43 MDT 1995

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From: Chegitz Guevara <mluziett at>
Subject: Re: Margaret Sanger

Prepare to hold your nose, Lisa. Unfortunately, the
mother of the modern birth control movement did, in
fact, use eugenicst apologies to promote her agenda.
This is a sore point among many Black feminists that I
know, along with the suffergette's attempt to use
racism to get the vote, by saying that they would help
diminish the effect of the Black vote.

Lisa says:  Oh No, Marc, OUCH, that does really hurt,
vile and disgusting things from the mouths of our
would-be heroes...  feet of clay...  But, of course,
that doesn't mean we should outlaw contraception and
take the vote away from women.

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