Million Men March

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Wed Oct 18 06:12:33 MDT 1995

In response to Francisco's post:

We critics are not claiming that Farrakhan has tainted the march only
because of his external hate-mongering.  I agree that his power on the
national scene is limited.  Only if this were also true about his potential
influence among African-Americans.  He will attempt to win a sizable enough
constituency within the Black community to mobilize against women's access
to jobs, training or AFDC; for 'personal responsibility' and against
illegal or legal political movements against corporate power; against gays
and lesbians; against ethnic small businesses in defense of a narrow
petit-bourgeois class whose advancement will be equated with Black power
(while the mass of people endure ever greater suffering).

 He will talk shit and threaten action but will never carry out anything

I repeat: the people most threatened by the NOI are African-Americans.

As for the Militias, you are the one in a contradiction.  You argued that
they were reactionary and should not be courted.  But now you want
tolerance of the NOI?! To my credit,  I have been consistent: down with the
NOI and the Militias alike.

Rakesh Bhandari

>   Regarding Farrakhan, people who claim that he has somehow "tainted"
>this march overlook the following: assuming that he means exactly what he
>says (hate towards Whites and Jews, homophobia, etc.), does he has the
>MEANS to CARRY OUT such an agenda? Black are only 13% of the US
>population, ant the NOI is only a small fraction of that. Even if ALL
>Blacks support him(an impossibility), the African-American community
>lacks the numerical, economical or political strength to oppress anybody.
>Besides, I remember many people in this list talking not too long ago
>about reaching out to the White fascists and militias and thinking of
>them as potential recruits for the left because these individuals too
>were fed-up with the current system. What's wrong with applying the same
>logic to the marchers, even to the NOI itself?

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