Keen/Ernst Discussion

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Wed Oct 18 07:04:34 MDT 1995

Rakesh wrote:

> I have been privately informed that Mattick's value theory is not
> sufficiently dynamic in the light of the recent advances of Ernst, Kliman,
> Freeman.  To the criticism of Mattick, one should note that his last book
> Marxism: Last Refuge of the Bourgeoisie? is very dynamic-- see pp. 91ff.
I don't understand this criticism of Mattick. Will whoever "privately
informed" Rakesh of this belief please explain it to the list?

Kliman and Freeman's articles are recent, John's is not.

Aside to Steve: if you want us to comment meaningfully on your posts,
could you please try to keep the byte count down? The length makes it too
time-consuming to "cut and paste."


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