Pay attention, Ralph Dumain

Wed Oct 18 15:01:40 MDT 1995

>From a lurker:

I have t agree with Proyect, who says well what I have not ben able to
say.  Well, I could have but it neve seemed worth it.  Dumain makes this
list too hostile.  I signed on because I wanted to join in.  I'm not the
acaemic Dumain hates, but do go t school, sorry Ralph.

And  I study culture in a way Dumain does not approve of, sorry again.

And he responded to a question of mine with "That stupid little prick."

And so now I just read.  Every now and then I read a post of his
by accident, and half the time its *really* impressive although most
of the time its childish.

When I was in second grade, my folks assured me that the fourth grader
who beat me up would grow up to be a kind person too.  The ones
who never grow up become Ralph Dumain.

OK, now I get flamed.  Let's watch an see.  Its rather fun to try
to rile him up and then just ignore him.  All that wasted angst...

Steve McDonald

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