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Wed Oct 18 20:57:59 MDT 1995

	_If They Come in the Morning_ is, I agree, a fine piece of work,
and does have pieces by Davis in it, as well as a few by Bettina
Aptheker, not to mention george Lukacs, James Bladwin, and several
others. While it can fit in the autobiography category, it's not the one
I had in mind. Davis wrote her own autobiography, called simply _An
Autobiography_, in 1974. The 1993 edition, published by International
Pub., includes an Introduction that makes a few remarks on 'that period'
of her life, on the rejection by many black women of 'white' feminism,
etc. In the book itself, Davis mentions in several places her
difficulties with mysoginst tendencies within the black organizations she
worked with.
	I'm interested in what you can tell me of Davis' reception in
Turkey. She did get huge support during her trial, but I know little
about how she was seen outside the US.
	Also of some interest: during her trial, a number of those
quickie-paperbacks came out, purporting to 'solve the puzzle' of angela
Davis. You can perhaps imagine the mystique, the media appeal, and so
forth of an intellectual black woman communist! One of these 'books' is
written for *elementary school children*!! That one poses Davis as
betraying democracy, etc. Very scary, in some ways.
Ciao,	Elaine leyda
ejl1386 at tam2000.tamu.edu

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