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Wed Oct 18 21:13:02 MDT 1995

	By all means! Anything in particular in your mind?
	I would appreciate hearing what some of the more seasoned folks
on the list think of Davis, Louis especially, and any memories of the
media coverage of the trial itelf. I think she was somewhat overshadowed
in many places, but it's hard to tell, since I am working from magazines
and other periodicals, at least on that topic (media constructions of Davis).
	I have heard, on the women's studies list, that in some
circles/groups, a debate has gone on about who is "better": Davis or bell
hooks. A strange way of looking at them both.... For myself, I've often
wondered what her dissertation would have been like if she'd been able to
complete it (if she did, I haven't found that info anywahere): it was on
Kant's 3rd Critique, which was also of prime importance to Marcuse, her
mentor and colleague.
	Marcuse, by the way, was ousted from the U Cal system--rather,
forced into early retirement--for his public political activism, and
especially for his support (in rallies, speeches, affadavits, etc) of
Davis. Can you, or anyone else out there, think of any academic
intellectuals who run the same track? Ie, are openly political about 'hot
topics', advocate the more 'revolutionary' sides, and so on?
	And where did tv-turn-off week come from?! Great idea.
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