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I wonder if anyone on the list has information which will h*lp me
with two projects I'm working on.

1. Stock ownership in U.S.

I'm bringing a 1987 leaflet up to date.  We have in it the
statement: "The richest 1% of the population owns over 70% of all
the stock in U.S. corporations."  Clearly the "over" keeps it
truthful, but I wonder if anyone has an exact figure for 1995--
I'm assuming it has only gone up.

2. Rents and the Consumer Price Index

My wife is an elected member of the Berkeley Rent Stabilization
Board and is engaged in the yearly war over "Annual General
Adjustments" of rents. We (the pro-tenant side) have presented
arguments about the fall in real wages, real value of welfare
benefits, etc.  The landlords and their miserable scum apologists
complain that we're not adjusting the rise in rents for inflation
and that they, too, are taking a cut in income.

Leaving aside the fact that people invest in commercial property
for appreciation as well as income (despite the fact that the tax
authorities give them depreciation on the appreciating
investments), what has been the overall trend of residential
rents in relation to the C.P.I.?  I know that the C.P.I. itself
is inaccurate because it fails to account for the rise in housing
costs over the last 40 years and only multiplies from a food-cost
index which has in fact become a smaller part of family

I can do this last part by hand myself from various sources, but
it occurred to me that someone else might already have done it.
Real estate sources don't do it because of the very fact that
they're concerned with appreciation rather than income.

Tom Condit
Tom Condit
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