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	The title of the one for youngsters is _Angela Davis: Traitor or
Martyr of the Freedom of Expresion?_ by Blythe Foote Fink, pub
Charlotteville NY: SamHar P, 1975.
	There are, though, others that are not so openly hostile, that
supported, or aimed to anyway, Davis, such as this one by "The Professor"
and another by Marc Olden (?). They all have subtitles like
'Biography/Making/Portrait of a Revolutionary.' Not surprising, in  way,
when you consider that, at that time, Davis was more a phenomenon--not an
isolated one by any means, but one that was not buried in historical
amnesia. In several of her own essay-speeches, she aims to recover a
heritage of revolutionary and politically 'active' (my term) women. Sure,
this has been, but one of the more important features of Davis, to me
anyway, is that she addresses audiences other than those is the
'academy.' What I mean by that, though it's not easy to make these lines
clear sometimes, is that she is accessible without prior learning in a
field, such as theory, feminism, etc. I think of all these 'discourses'
as different and sometimes overlapping publics; Davis addresses more
publics than most in those discourses manage to do.
	Who other than Chomsky did you mean?

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