Left Racism vs MILLION Man MARCH

jones/bhandari djones at uclink.berkeley.edu
Thu Oct 19 13:10:05 MDT 1995

>From Louis:

>Ben Chavis is going ahead with his political agenda today, thank the
>lord. He doesn't need permission from workerist sectarians among the
>Marxism left. We would do well to study his example and to think a little
>more deeply about what the MMM means.

   Chavis has done his  best Sunday tootin' to convince that Jesus now
speaks through the Islamic Minister; Chavis has said in no uncertain terms
that African-Americans should submit to the leadership of Farrakhan.

Of course there can be no  rational criticism of someone through whom both
Jesus and Mohammed have spoken.  The problem here of course is that Chavis
has mobilized his own radical past in the service of Farrakhan. From this
list, we can conclude that he is not alone in doing so.

In short,  whatever Chavis' politics were, he has now agreed to refract
them through Farrakhan, who is a race-conscious fascist (perhaps you don't
agree that this point has been sufficiently well-established).

Louis, I am interested in hearing your thoughts about Farrakhan, his
message, the greater validity which it now has, and what you think its
impact will be.

And where did Carl Davidson, Jorge Diaz and Robert Perrone go? It seems
quite bad manners to call someone a left racist and then disappear.


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