Left Racism vs MILLION Man MARCH

jones/bhandari djones at uclink.berkeley.edu
Thu Oct 19 14:16:38 MDT 1995

>From Robert Perrone:

> I believe the event was objectively aimed at policies that
>have and will continue to undermin the African American community,
>policies supported by both political parties;

This is an assertion; where are the examples?

 I think policy attacks on women's economic independence were affirmed (no
job training, child care, educational and job equality, etc.); and insofar
as all the problems wracking the African-American community were understood
to result from the lack of Black male responsibility, I think the march
only affirms, as Jane Gregg has pointed out, the racist view of Black men.

The moral panic about responsibility and discipline will easily translate
into the hoarding of Black men into BOOT-CAMPS, something for which
foremost police expert James Q Wilson has been calling.  The Unabomber for
example is fully aware of the threat,and you don't want to be more
oblivious than him, do you? And god knows you don't want to be less aware
than Ralph Dumain who has already argued that this March is the prelude to

 And since Farrakhan is an arch segregationist, the struggle for
integration has been dealt a blow.  Moreover, Farrakhan will inspire ethnic
scape-goating (instead of frontal attacks on the techno state capitalism),
and he will advance the right-wing argument that underclass poverty is the
result of too much women's economic independence and therefore should be
combatted by the end of AFDC and the domestication of women.

 Farrakhan will discourage all multi-ethnic solidarity for a politics of
segregated parks ('bettering our own community') and Afrocentric rituals,
which he will then take as examples of self-determination.  Defeats will be
dressed up as cultural victories (by the way, where is Kenneth Mostern?),
and whites and blacks and the rest of us will be told to pursue our own
'community' demands, the realization of which will only serve the interests
of the petit-bourgeois.

>and subjectively, the
>event was an affirmation by the African American men who attended
>that they will not tolerate attacks on their families, on Black
>women, regardless of the source of those attacks.

Well, the event affirmed that men should control their families; it  is a
mighty blow to women's dignity and equality.  This sort of chivalarous
ideal should be destroyed, not affirmed.  Which attacks on Black women were
rejected? The racist attempt to tie welfare to sterilization? Job-related
discrimination? What are you talking about?

>I have no illusions about LF.  I too am affronted by the desire to
>exclude women from the event, albeit a desire which was not realized,
>since from what I have heard, many women did participate.

Participate on what terms?  Don't be an apologist for reaction.


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