NOI & fascism

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Thu Oct 19 14:22:58 MDT 1995

I think it's not forced at all to apply the label "fascist," with or
without an appropriate modifying prefix (like quasi-, proto-, or crypto-),
to Farrakhan and the NOI. Nationalist, racist, vitalist,
anti-rational/superstitious, homophobic, sexist - all that plus a
paramilitary force. The only wrinkle is that he's got a good dose of
American self-help ideology mixed in with the rest of the vile stew. That
millions of otherwise good people are under his sway in an index of the
primitive nature of political discourse in America in general and the
political vaccuum affecting black Americans in particular.

Lou Proyect is right - a cyberseminiar on fascism would be very timely.



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