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Thu Oct 19 23:55:39 MDT 1995

On Oct 15, 12:23pm, Ralph Dumain wrote:
> I have never
> been especially an enthusiast for feminism until now.  It is
> excruciatingly obvious that the Afro-American community needs a
> strong dose of feminism, because it is shamefully backward, so
> backward that otherwise intelligent black women have bought into
> the big lie behind this march.  This is not the start of something
> new, but the last gasp of the dead and dying black patriarchy, the
> snake oil preachers and the rocking chair civil rights leaders who
> don't know what to do, and the intellectual opportunists and
> mediocrities like Cornel West who hop on the bandwagon because
> they too lack the testicles they will worship on the Mall tomorrow
> to stand up for any principles.

	I intended to respond to Dumain's musings earlier but circumstances
beyond my control prevented me from doing so - since I have not read any
posts addressing my particular concern with Ralph's post - now is as good a
time as any to respond.  It is amazing that Mr. Dumain suddenly finds himself
sympathetic to feminism in light of the MMM!!!  He claims to be concerned
with the "backwardness" of the MMM and the Afro- American community - well
Mr. Dumain - why haven't you found yourself concerned with the backwardness
and testosterone levels pervasive among Leftists and more particularly
Marxists who have routinely dismissed feminist issues as either trivial or
marginal to the "real" issues as they define them??? Your invocation of
feminist concerns to indict the the politics of the MMM is both hypocritical
and offensive.  The organizers of the MMM may well need a "dose of feminism"
as you put it, but so does the "Marxist" Left - factions of which, post
regularly on this list - I hate cliches - but one in particular is
appropriate here - what's good for the goose is good for the gander.
If you want the Black brothers to be called on their sexism by women - black,
white or otherwise, you should expect that that smae criticism will be
directed to your ilk.

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