Okinawa<2> : Hohshuyama quits

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Hoshuyama quits

On 10/19 late evening, the director of the Defence Facilities Agency Hoshuyama
resigned. He had commented 'Murayama won't sign the paper of compulsory usage
of land for US forces in Okinawa. He is stupid'.
Hoshuyama has a career as civil beaurocrat in the Defence Agency where he
entered in 1963. He took the chair in july last year. He was criticized seriously
for his comment that Okinawa have to be changed toward coexistence with US
bases when he visited Okinawa in september last year.
'Why Murayama stupid is is that he didn't changed Hoshuyama at the time last
year' commented Tenseijingo, a column of Asahi Shinbun News.

Governor Masahide Ohta has been holding the line of refusal to sign the paper.
In the law, Murayama can pass it with his delegatory signiture. But he can't
because of bursting-out public opinion opposing Anpo (Japan-US security pact).
According to the recent poll by Japan economic journal, the portion against
Anpo has grown up to almost 60% from 30% at the last poll.

Murayama wants to cool anger of Okinawa people by proposing a cut of bases
in Okinawa, to which LDP and other conservatives are opposite. Next month,
Anpo must be reviewed by provision. How does Clington react?

Tomorrow, on 10/21, the international anti-war day, a mass meeting protesting
against the presence of US forces in Okinawa. More than 50,000 people are
going to participate.

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