fascism and MMM; purity and ambivalence

Jeffrey Booth booth2 at husc.harvard.edu
Fri Oct 20 12:40:07 MDT 1995

	Maybe I'm jumping the gun regarding an orderly discussion of
fascism but I think a few questions/clarifications are in order as to
whether NOI could be called fascist.

	1)  Does big business at all fund NOI?

	2)  What is the class composition of NOI?

	3)  What is Farrakhan's class background?

	4)  What has NOI said publically or in their literature about the
Labor movement?

	5)  Does the FBI have a love/hate relationship with NOI the way
they do with the KKK?

And, finally, let's drop the 400,000 bullshit. I've been on enough
marches in D.C. to know that there were AT LEAST 1 million people there.

					-- Jeff Booth	

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