Left Racism vs Million Man March

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Fri Oct 20 13:19:24 MDT 1995

While Louis tells me to take a deep breath and bow down to Mr. Davidson
because he helped create the student momentum for a anti-proletarian
department from which I have not learned a thing; then implicitly chastises
me for failing to join the Committees of Correspondence and gaining
'political experience' therefrom; and finally reminds me to think
dialectically--he has failed yet again to respond to my specific ANALYSIS
of Farrakhan, the MMM and socio-political effects from this mobilization.

Louis' sort of reply is not a reply, and from an ethical point of view is
tenuous, I believe.

It seems to me that all your experience in the 60s has impressed upon you
is  a mythology about and reverence for THE LEADERS (including Chavis) no
matter how intellectually bankrupt their analysis, surprisingly bankrupt if
Mr. Davidson has been spending so much time critically analyzing US

I will not say the same about Proyect from whom I have learned much about
on various issues,  but Mr. Davidson has not responded to my and others'
arguments, and I most certainly am not impressed with  the chants he
learned from Lenin on the National Question

It has long been noted that the American New Left was, with few exceptions,
intellectual impoverished.  However, its main legacy seems to be
opportunism, as Mr. Davidson now attempts to work within the mobilization
created by a right-wing demagogue.


>Please don't refer to Carl Davidson as Mr. Davidson. He was one of the
>major figures of the US left during the 60's and 70's and continues to do
>important political work in the Chicago area. If it weren't for the
>student radicalization of the 1960s which he helped to spearhead, it is
>doubtful that there would be an ethnic studies department at your
>university for you to major in.
>Rakesh, it is time for you to catch your breath and think deeply about
>some questions. What exactly is your political experience? Which mass
>movements have you helped to build? Marxism is not something that is
>just learned from texts. The average Nicaraguan high-school student I
>used to meet in Managua had a better understanding of Marxism than 75% of
>the people on the list. The best Marxist educator itself is revolution.
>We have not had a socialist revolution in this country, but we have had
>some important mass movements that both Carl and I are veterans of.
>>The key thing is to learn to think dialectically. The source of
>sectarianism in the left is an inability to think dialectically. This
>does not mean reading some more of Bhaksar. It means participating in
>living mass struggles that have a contradictory character.
>>The Vietnam moratorium was *intended* to be a mechanism by which the
>radical antiwar movement could be undermined and activists returned to
>the Democratic party fold. The end result, however, was probably one of
>the major challenges to capitalist stability since the 1930's.
>>I hope we can de-escalate the rhetoric around the MMM and rechannel it
>into a serious study of the historical phenomenon of fascism. Just as
>Carl and I are members of the CofC and feel no hostility toward Angela
>Davis who has a completely different attitude toward the MMM, the same
>should be true of our list.

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