fascism and MMM; purity and ambivalence

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Fri Oct 20 15:15:13 MDT 1995

At 2:40 PM 10/20/95, Jeffrey Booth wrote:

>        Maybe I'm jumping the gun regarding an orderly discussion of
>fascism but I think a few questions/clarifications are in order as to
>whether NOI could be called fascist.
>        1)  Does big business at all fund NOI?
>        2)  What is the class composition of NOI?
>        3)  What is Farrakhan's class background?
>        4)  What has NOI said publically or in their literature about the
>Labor movement?
>        5)  Does the FBI have a love/hate relationship with NOI the way
>they do with the KKK?

Some people may doubt the source (though I find them to be generally quite
accurate on matters like this), but the current Workers Vanguard says this:

   "[I]t's no wonder that Farrakhan is more than willing to collaborate
with white-supremacists like California Nazi Tom Metzger. Even back in the
1960s under Elijah Muhammed, the NOI got funding from Texas ultrarightist
H.L. Hunt and cultivated relations with the American Nazi Party and the
  The petty-bourgeois hucksters of the NOI seek to pit one sector of the
oppressed against others because their program is to become the
'bloodusckers' - that is the capitalist exploiters [this passage follows a
quote from LF about Jewish, Palestinian, Korean, and Vietnamese
"bloodsuckers" who are the landlords  and merchants of the ghetto - DH] --
of 'their' people, caliming the ghetto as their exclusive market."

WV says that reactionary icon Ed Rendell, the mayor of Philly who would
love to see Mumia juiced, "helped build the march."

As for 5), don't forget that the NOI's paramiliary wing, the FOI, has
contracts with several city governments to police housing projects
(Baltimore, Chicago, LA, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh).

As for 4), WV quotes LF as saying that if NOI were given "unhindered" rein,
"we could effect a change in the lifestyle of our people that would allow
us to do more with less wages."



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