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Read the following quotes and see questions below.

A.  "The greatest crisis we face tonight is a crisis of leadership.
We are facing a crisis of righteous, courageous, physically oriented
male leadership.  MALE leadership!  God established patriarchy when
he [sic] established the world.  If we're going to to have true
reformation...it is because men once again...have righteous
testosterone flowing through their veins. ... The foundation of self
government is private ownership of land."

B.  "Don't misundertand what I'm saying here.  I'm not suggesting
that you [men] _ask_ for your role back.  I'm urging you to _take_ it
back.  Unfortunately, there can be no compromise... Treat the lady
gently and lovingly.  But lead...  [T]o you ladies who may be reading
this: _Give it back!_  for the sake of your family and the survival
of our culture, let your man be a man..."

C.  feminists who challenge scriptural manhood are attempting to
"wash away 2000 years of scholarship", one of the problems with
non-heteros is that they don't have "the transformative experience of
parental love", single mothers are guilty of an "utterly pernicious
dismissal" of their children's fathers, those behind the UN women's
conference in Beijing are really after "the total destruction of
gender and the family"... single women have children _because_ of the
"incentive" of the welfare state ... it was god's hand that destroyed
communism... a speaker decries the "radical secularization" of his
country, preferring his own religion to be enforced by his own

The first two quotes are each from a different author/speaker, the
third from an event of one organization.  For each one, consider the
following questions:

1. What skin shade is the speaker/s?  How can you tell?
2. Which specific religion is promoted by each one?
3. Is the message "progressive"?  On what grounds and in what way?

Then, generally,

4. What difference would it make to answer number 3 if your answers
to 1 and/or 2 were changed?


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