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Ryan Daum rdaum at
Fri Oct 20 16:36:54 MDT 1995

On Fri, 20 Oct 1995, CHRISTOPHER SCOGGINS wrote:

> We are only two weeks away from the Quebec independence referendum
> which could have a larger political impact on North American society than
>  the cold war, and nobody is debating the subject ?  Does no one care
> that Canada could be falling to pieces before our eyes ?  Will the
> rest of Canada slide into becoming the 51st state ?  What are the
> implications for the Quebec working class of a new independent
> country of six million people ?

I care, and hope, that Canada falls to pieces "before our eyes."  The
structure of the state, its entire history, its economic and political
policies are directly related to the Quebec national question and the
lack of self-determination for native peoples.  The breakup of the
Canadian state and the self-determination of the  Quebecois and native
peoples is a positive step forward for those peoples --

The argument that the working class of Quebec will be "worse off" in the
case of a breakup is dillusionary -- the Quebec working class has nothing
to expect from the Canadian state and federalism than continued cutbacks
and neo-liberalism.  The split-up of the Canadian state directly
undermines NAFTA, GATT, and pan-American imperialism generally.  In the
same way that the struggle of the Zapatistas is progressive, Quebec
separatism represents a positive step forward.

The appeal to English Canadian nationalism and speaking of American
imperialism is often a cover for politics which in effect favours local
("loyal") capital over American capital.  This has been the unfortunate
result of much of the NDP's policies, for example.

Regardless, English Canadians should butt out of the referendum process,
and that includes the NDP.  The "No" campaign is legitimate in a
democratic process, but only by those within Quebec, the Quebecois -- what
business does English Canada have in determining the future of Quebec,
unless you accept the "right" of imperialist domination over local
self-determination?  == Ryan Daum -- rdaum at --

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