unabomber & the proletariat

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Mon Oct 9 17:39:32 MDT 1995

The point I have been trying to make about the unabomber is not whether or
not he is an original thinker.  It is rather whether or not his views
represent a coherent, thought out rational argument.  I hold that they do.
 So  much so that I see them as rather unconnected to his crazy and deadly

Those argumenst are worth discussing on a Marxism list in a serious manner.
 Perhaps Kirpatrick Sale is the best proponent of those views at the moment.

I view their argument as in essence ROMANTIC in the sense that it represents
a desire to return to an idealized early state of human existence.  The
unabomber, as well as others of this persuasion, make a very weak case for
the "better" life that our primitive forefathers and foremothers enjoyed
roaming the forests with their spears and dying in their thirties.

However, what really interests me is the connection between Marxism and
utopianism precisely around this romantic notion.  Marx wS totally opposed to
all notions of a retreat from technological development.  He was a fanatical
modernist in this sense.  Yet, to the extent that he developed any concept of
the future communist society, it was borrowed heavily from the romantic
utopians who were his contemporaries.  In essence he said: you guys have
given no scientific thought to HOW to achieve your ends: ends I embrace.
 Therefore he neglected to tackle the question of whether or not the "end"
could actually develop upon the basis of the technology  he espoused.

The unabomber is quite right in exposing this contradiction in "Leftism."
   The dispersed power of the small community cannot be based upon modern
technology.  The latter requires population masses and the integration of
millions, billions, into a common economic structure.  Mass society is the
product, this suggests, of modern technology and not just capitalism.  If
this is true, then it will survive capitalism.

Again I repeat: if you want communes, soviets, real decentralization with
meaning, then get rid of modern technology.  If you want modern technology
then stop dreaming and start thinking and acting upon ways to invigilate
bureaucracy, massive economic structures, and mass population concentrations.

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