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Sat Oct 21 04:08:07 MDT 1995

Valerie Scatamburlo wrote:

  <snip> - before we rush to defend Quebec''s right to self -
  determination, let's also be reminded of all that which lurks behind
  the separatist movement (It's racism should be obvious) - knee jerk
  reactions and support of Quebec  separatists do little in addressing the
  more substantive issues involved. >

How presumptuous of you to assume that support for Quebecois independence
is a "knee jerk reaction." It is true that there are right-wing
nationalists in the Quebecois movement. It does not therefore necessarily
follow that the independence movement is reactionary.

I may be showing my age, but I remember the Quebecois movement of the
early 1970s. That movement was an expression of an international
radicalization that was influenced, in large part, by the events of
May-June, 1968 in France. The Quebecois movement was, similarly, led by
revolutionary socialists and anarchists. Unfortunately, it was defeated.
The current movement, however, owes its heritage, in part, to that
earlier movement for independence. Like any *real* movement for
self-determination, it contains many different social forces and


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