unabomber & the proletariat

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On Mon, 9 Oct 1995 TimW333521 at aol.com wrote:

> I view their argument as in essence ROMANTIC in the sense that it represents
> a desire to return to an idealized early state of human existence.  The
> unabomber, as well as others of this persuasion, make a very weak case for
> the "better" life that our primitive forefathers and foremothers enjoyed
> roaming the forests with their spears and dying in their thirties.

	Isn't that figure reached by including infant mortality?  If it
is, it's HIGHLY skewed...

> The unabomber is quite right in exposing this contradiction in "Leftism."
>    The dispersed power of the small community cannot be based upon modern
> technology.  The latter requires population masses and the integration of
> millions, billions, into a common economic structure.  Mass society is the
> product, this suggests, of modern technology and not just capitalism.  If
> this is true, then it will survive capitalism.
> Again I repeat: if you want communes, soviets, real decentralization with
> meaning, then get rid of modern technology.  If you want modern technology
> then stop dreaming and start thinking and acting upon ways to invigilate
> bureaucracy, massive economic structures, and mass population concentrations.

	It's hard to believe you were ever a marxist...

	Don't you realize that automation is all about getting more and
more done with fewer and fewer people??  We NEEDED lotsa people to GET
here; we DON'T need lotsa people to go _ON_ from here...

	OUR job is to try and improve the Quality of Life for everyone who
IS here -- whether they are in the billions or just millions -- and to do
that we have to reorganize society more-or-less as Charlie-baby pointed

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