On the MMM

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Sat Oct 21 07:37:46 MDT 1995

I know I probably won't get a reply from the marvelously detached Tom
Condit, but I have one more word to say about the MMM and the left. To
believe that anybody on the left supports the idea that another MMM would
move the struggle forward is not fair to the left. I perhaps might only
be speaking for myself when I say this, but I think the comparison with
Father Gapon is apt. I only consider the MMM as a very early and
distorted sign that the black population is beginning to re-assert
itself. I know that critics of the March would much prefer that someone
like MLK Jr. was leading it and the demands were more militant, but he was
murdered after all and the movement right now is not capable of
providing better slogans, so we're left with imperfect people like Ben Chavis
and insipid slogans like "atonement".

Tom castigates leftists like the CofC, Alex Cockburn and others who would
still support the Democrats to some extent, or at least don't see this as
a principled question. This would leave Tom and a dozen or so Trotskyite
sects on the "correct" side of the question. If only politics were so
simple, then the revolution would have been made a long time ago.

Having said all this, I remain deeply respectful of the insights Tom has
brought to the list. I only wish he would post more often. Perhaps he may
be ready at this point to engage me in some kind of dialog. I would look
forward to it.

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