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On Sat, 21 Oct 1995, CHRISTOPHER SCOGGINS wrote:

> Those who argue that the disbanding of Canada and the assimilation of
> English Canada into a 51st state wouldn't necessary be such a bad
> thing, after Quebec independence fail to realise that Canadians
> presently possess social services that Americans can only dream about.
> We have lower crime, tough handgun legislation, better trade union
> rights, and a parliamentary system which allows low income people to
> have at least some voice in the political process.

I read a Chicago Tribune report several years ago, when the M. Lake
Accord was going up for ratification. Failure to ratify was expected to
result in a Quebec pull-out. The four Atlantic provinces said that if
Quebec ceceeded, they would also, and aply for admission to the U.S.

The State Department has long been trying to figure out what they would
do should Canada break up. The U.S. has decided previously that the only
province that would be annexed would be B.C., since that would give our
corporations better access to mineral and timber rights, as well as a
land bridge to Alaska. The U.S. has for some time now wished to build an
oil pipeline across Canada to connect the Alaska pipeline with the lower 48.

In spite of the dangers to the rest of Canada, the Quebecois have the
right to self-determination. It's up to the rest of Canada whether or not
to hold together. I don't think the Atlantic four are really foolish
enough to actaully ceceed, as they won't be admitted to the U.S. and they
need the money Ontario provides. It was likely an attempt at a powerplay
on their part, to get the rest of Canada to sign on to ML.

> Quebec independence will obviously lead to American big business
> viewing English Canada as weak and vulnerable.

Don't kid yourself. The U.S. looks at Canada as a colony already. There
is no respect for Canadian sovreignty in American business circles. But
they aren't about to remove an impediment to labor mobility, or bring an
active labor movement within our borders.

> Canadian progressives
> should unite behind the NO campaign as a means of defending the
> social services that were won by political struggle only a generation
> ago.  We do not want to fall into a system which is controlled by the
> wealthy and powerful in the USA.  Native rights in Canada are also
> better defended by a strong, united Canada, where convening a
> Constituent Assembly for a new deal could be a reality.

Canada isn't doing such a hot job right now, although I can easily see
Quebec trying to run rough-shod over the First Nations.

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