MMM: apology to Jon

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Sun Oct 22 05:56:49 MDT 1995

I thought that Jon had attributed to Ralph the racist statement that people
who marched were oragatuns.  Jon correctly noted that the Ralph had
described some of the march's supporters [on this line] that way.  So Jon
did not mischaracterize Ralph's statement as I mischaracterized his.  I
hope that I have not stoked (increased) hostility between them

I should have figured out that "march's supporters" did not mean the people
who supported the event by marching.  I was similarly careless in a
response to Jerry.

I have been quite disappointed (obviously) by many of the responses on this
line to the march (with several exceptions from Sweden to NZ!), which seem
to me to have underestimated the gravity of the reaction which will result
from it, without an unrelenting exposure of what has been behind the very
attempt to bring men together under the leadership of Louis Farrakhan to
establish what Gilder called "the Cult of the Male."  Remember it was not
me but Gilder who compared Farrakhan to Father Divine!

I think that it is incumbent upon all of those who still want to look at
this march--to abuse a word--"dialectically" to list explicitly what good
has resulted therefrom.

Sorry to Jon and Jerry again.


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