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Sun Oct 22 10:01:04 MDT 1995

I have called off my strike for this one post, which I simply
cannot resist.

Louis Proyect ingenuously spews:

>However, it is time that American Marxists began closing the
>history books and searching for analogies.

Apparently, this screwy Louis' left hand doesn't know what his
_right_ is doing.  For it is Proyect who concocted the master plan
to distract this list from any serious analysis of the concrete
contemporary situation by creating a whole involved seminar on the
entire history of fascism for the sole reason of demonstrating
that NOI 1995 has some differences from its historical precedents.
What hypocrisy.

>What was Lenin's analogy when he had to try to explain the
>haplessness of the Narodnik's faith in peasant-commune based
>socialism? Lenin had no alternative but to go to the Czarist
>court records and examine statistics.

Something the likes of which you have no intention of doing.  You
pink boys think you know something because you drive into town to
participate in anti-Klan rallies or pass blunts back and forth
with your rasta running buddies.  To understand what fascism means
in the black community means to thoroughly examine and experience
first-hand the authoritarian structures within it and the
ignorance, passivity, and dependence maintained by these
interlocking structures of the black media, black churches, and
local black politics.  This you won't do, since your black
politics goes skin deep.

>The truth is concrete.

And there is nothing concrete, only puffing of ideological smoke,
from the likes of Proyect, Davidson, and other political
necrophiles who think they can pull rank by trading on their
history of activism to cover up the utter bankruptcy of their

>The NOI produced Malcolm X, the most important North American
>revolutionary since Eugene V. Debs.

Louis should be humiliated for this.  Malcolm's sole
accomplishment was getting a cottage industry behind his image
after he was blown away.  This is so impressive, why bother even
to think about any other black revolutionaries of the modern civil
rights movement, let alone the whole century?  Why stop to think
about Fannie Lou Hamer, James Forman, Angela Davis, Robert F.
Williams, Martin Luther King, John Lewis, Medgar Evers?  No
baseball caps, I guess.  Why bother to bring up W.E.B. Du Bois,
Paul Robeson, Richard Wright, Hubert Harrison, Claude McKay,
Benjamin Davis, or Henry Winston?

Or was Malcolm the greatest just because washed-out Trotskyists
like to lie in bed with a bottle of expensive whisky and
masturbate while gazing upon their Malcolm X wall posters?

>(I will be glad to defend Malcolm's reputation on this list. His
>"Speeches" turned me into a socialist and that's all I need.)

That's all you need, indeed.  And because that's all you need,
that's all we need too, because after all, you've been a major
player in radical politics since 1967, and if Malcolm's speeches
made you a socialist, well bo-diddley that's good enough for us

Louis should be humiliated for this.

>The NOI also produced Muhammed Ali.

Now this is something.  I vaguely remember an interview where the
political genius Ali suggested interracial couples ought to be
killed.  And it is a really revolutionary career to be a boxer,
since the public is so politically uplifted by watching black men
beat the shit out of each other for their delectation.  But then
what do I know, I'm such an insensitive macho man.

Louis should be humiliated for this.

>If the NOI was fascist, it wouldn't allow one of its main
>spokesmen to challenge imperialist war at its most critical

I wonder if the German Bundists in the USA were not fascist
because they didn't want the USA to fight Germany?  Maybe Elijah
Muhammed was not fascist since he too opposed America's
imperialist war .... in World War II, when he backed the Japanese.
Vietnam is neither Germany nor Japan, but the question is -- whose
empire do you support?  A fascist who seeks to create his own
fascist empire must oppose his opposition, in this instance the
white devil U.S. government.

Louis should be humiliated for this.

The politics of desperation is dangerous.  The Old Left and the
New, like the Civil Rights movement, are at the end of their rope.
But they will stop at nothing to hang on to the remnants of their
own importance, no matter what reckless positions they take and
what damage they do.  It is time to be done with them once and for
all and to begin anew.

And now I bid this malodorous crew adieu.

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