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At 10:38 AM 10/22/95, Louis N Proyect wrote:

>Today's NY Times has a bit of nonsense about the NOI's Web page versus
>similar wording found in ultraright Web pages. This, of course, is the
>same concept embodied in James Baldwin's "The Fire Next Time": Malcolm X
>as a black version of George Lincoln Rockwell.

Lou, we're not talking about Malcolm X, we're talking about his sworn
enemy, Louis Farrakhan and his organization, which has a vile political
platform and a lunatic theology, and which once burned a bookstore that
displayed Malcolm X's picture. You're always (rightly) calling for us to
examine things in detail rather than pronouncing grandly from the heights
of abstraction, and in this case, the details - longish quotes from both
the NOI and the white right - are are fundamentally indistinguishable from
each other.



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