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Sun Oct 22 15:58:34 MDT 1995

On Sun, 22 Oct 1995, Valerie Scatamburlo wrote:

* * > 	It is interesting that people continue to defend Quebec's right to
* * > self- determination in the same breath as they defend "native" Canadians
* * * > right for the same - did I miss something here or are people  forgetting

> 	Just because you're tired and grumpy does not give you the right to
> decontextualize my comments and twist them to your own agenda.  Imperialist
> mentality - really- I don't think so!!!  My concerns are about the
> reactionary sentiments which have been spewed by people like Bouchard - I was
> not indicting the separatist movement in toto.

Your comments were not decontextualized.  Look at your first quoted
statement, where you questioned the practice of defending Quebec's right
to self-determination based on comments by the "leaders" of that
movement.  I simply pointed out the utter ridiculousness of making
defense of Quebec and its rights contingent on what particular
politicians said and did.  Secondly, I pointed out the ridiculousness of
attacking Quebec's right to self-determination based on the actions of
the Quebec Liberal Party government's attack on Oka (in tandem with the
federal government.)

You have not addressed this original point.  Do you or do you not
recognize Quebec's right to choose its own destiny?  IF you don't, do you
support that right for native peoples?  If yes, how do you justify this?
If not, I don't think we have much in common at all.

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