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Steve.Keen at unsw.EDU.AU Steve.Keen at unsw.EDU.AU
Sun Oct 22 16:46:08 MDT 1995

Jim, your interpretation of my thesis is propably a joint product
of my inability to express myself perfectly with your ability
to maintain your own perspective--in other words, a classic
communication breakdown.

For example, when I say that use-value and exchange-value are
unrelated, what I mean is that one does not determine the other:
the use-value of a commodity does not determine the exchange-
value of that same commodity.

However, at the fundamental philosophical level, of course they
are related! They are the dialectical twins within the unity
of the commodity, which itself is the essence of capitalism. If
they were not "related" at this level, then Marx would have
had no ability to develop the analysis he had, juxtaposing them.

My statements about them not being related meant that "the
use-value of commodity x was not related to the exchange-value
of commodity x". Does that make it any clearer, if not to you,
then to people reading your "interpretation of my case"?

Steve Keen

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