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On Sun, 22 Oct 1995, Doug Henwood wrote:

> Heavens no. Marx celebrated the civilizing powers of capitalism. This is a
> fundamental difference between Marxians and greens, anarchists, and
> suchlike.

not so fast. I'm going to look up Marx's stuff on India, but there
was always a strong element of support for the oppressed underlying the
dialectical analysis of capitalism.  Marx deplored moralising but he was
also the world's greatest ever denouncer and he would be doing heaps of
denouncing in the case of the Iroquois.

Interrestingly on this I was recently re-reading Deutscher on Trotsky's
last writings when he contemplated the what if the future was not
socialist after WW2 and that some new form of bureaucratic dictatorship
emerged instead of a worker led socialist movement.  Trotsky's response was
very clear, namely that the duty of the socialist was to be on the side of
the oppressed.  Always with Spartacus and never with Crassus or Caesar.
We might remember that when we talk glibly about the "civilising power of



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