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Mon Oct 23 19:41:20 MDT 1995

It is difficult at this time to predict the outcome of the referendum on
the national question of sovereignty which will take place in Quebec this
coming Sunday since all recent opinion polls put the two sides on an equal
It is clear however that the overwhelming majority of the French Canadians,
and in particular the trade uinons and the community organizations are on
the YES side.
On the other hand, Big Business is in the main for the NO.  It gives a
clear class perspective to the vote.  That does not mean that the people
are exercizing their right of national self determination with full
knowledge of the consequences, but the people has the right to make
A sovereign Quebec wouild regain its dignity, and the working people of
Quebec will feel more united with their English Canadian class brothers and
sisters once the national oppression is eliminated.  As for the prpoblem of
US imperialism, we might be in a better position to deal with it directly
(within the developping United North America) than through Toronto and
If the NO wins by a narrow margin, the people here will be very annoyed at
the so-called marxists in Quebec who advocated a NO on the basis of a
superficial understanding of the marxist and leninist theory of the
national question.  If the YES wins by a narrow margin, it will still be
regrettable to see that some marxists were on the side of the Canadian
Monopoly Capital. As for marxists outside of Quebec who take a stand for
the NO, they are clearly intruding.  The Canadian Lobour Congress, the
largest trade union body in Canada took the position that it is up to the
people of Quebec to decide without ouside interference.

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