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Tue Oct 24 11:21:49 MDT 1995


The English Department at the State University of New York at Buffalo
announces its Fifth Annual Graduate Student Conference, "Reproductions."
Contributors are encouraged to submit 500-word abstracts addressing the
concept of reproduction as it operates within a variety of disciplines and
fields of inquiry, including literature, philosophy, poetics, law, social
theory, biology, technology, and the visual arts. Possible topics include:

	* what price aura? the work of art in the age of digital reproduction
	* play it again: citation, sampling, mirroring, forgery, and other
	   appropriational acts in art and culture
	* reproductive rights and the status of non-reproductive sex
	* ideology of reproduction / ideology as reproduction
	* twins and other doubles in literature and history
	* commodity fetishism revisited
	* we have the technology: biogenetics and other brave new worlds
	* virus as metaphor
	* once more with feeling: drag as reproduction
	* copyright and dissemination: the work of text in the age of
	   electronic reproduction
	* learning to labor: work as systemic reproduction
	* biological and social clocks: reproductive temporalities
	* et cetera (etc.)

Send abstracts (with cover page including name, address, phone, and
affiliation) no later than December 1, 1995 to the following address:

	Mark Frankel
	Department of English
	306 Clemens Hall
	SUNY Buffalo
	Buffalo, NY 14260

Selected papers will be published in the new journal _theory at buffalo.edu_.
Please direct requests for further information to:

	Nick Lawrence
	(716) 883-7832
	v121nqnd at

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