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Tue Oct 24 21:43:38 MDT 1995

Hello this is my first posting

>        Actually, the ISO doesn't "define" its activities around our
>opposition to the Stalinist dictatorships(nor is that the central
>position we recruit around) but I think our position towards the
>governments of 1/3 of the world is important.
Further to this, it is wrong of Louis to divide "international" questions,
or "Russian" questions.
Like the American ISO, the ISO in Australia doesn't spend all it's time
comtemplating the nature of the (former) Soviet Union. Questions of how to
tap into the immense disillusionment of 12 years of Labor government are
far more central and important.

Nevertheless, having a clear analysis of Stalinism is important. For
example, when Vietnamese refugees arrive on our shores and are locked away
or deported, should the left turn a blind eye to such
"counter-revolutionaries"?; when Kim Il Sung died last year, should we have
rejoiced or mourned?; when those struggling to set up independent trade
unions in China are locked away or tortured, do we support them?; when
Castro says that opposition to his rule is CIA-inspired, do we
automatically agree?

By the way, the person who commented on Pilger's documentary on Vietnam
(re: foreign investors are succeeding where the US military didn't),
ignores the fact (partially recognised by Pilger himself) that the
Vietnamese regime has been ACTIVELY seeking out foreign investment for
years, and never really wanted to be cut off from the world economy in the
first place.

The cheap labour that Pilger revealed brought home to me that the struggle
for workers' rights in Vietnam would be little different from say
Indonesia--despite the regime's stated ideology of "market socialism".

Mark Goudkamp
UTS Students' Association, and ISO Australia

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