The personal and the political

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Louis: This is very interesting. Neil Harding in his "Lenin's Political
Thought" says that one of the reasons for the Bolshevik-Menshevik split
was that when people voted for Lenin and Plekhanov's resolution at the
"What is to be Done" congress, they were in effect voting for a change of
personnel at "Iskra". The Iskra writers who were to be replaced threw
their lot in with the Mensheviks even though they had more in common with
Lenin and Plekhanov politically! Sigh! Human Nature, what can we do?

On Tue, 24 Oct 1995, Michael Perelman wrote:

> There is more to Marx's work on India that meets the eye.  Henry Carey was
> working to oust Marx from the New York Tribune at the time.  Carey argued
> that the British were responsible for all ills in the world.  Marx's article
> was intended to tweak Carey.  He referred to this as his secret war on
> the Tribune in a letter to Engels.
> This incident is written up in my 1987 book on Marx.
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