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Wed Oct 25 12:49:55 MDT 1995

>I recently attended a small memorial for  Ernest Mandel held here in Oakland.
>  While the speeches were decidedly mixed, I must say an picture emerged of
>the man as a revolutionary and as a human being.  So I want to pass on a few
>of these impressions,  at least as I received them.
I was very pleased to find your opinion on the late Mandel.
I am also very aware that he was quite of a marxist and a beautifull human
He was appreciated for his thinking by marxist and bourgeois economists.

>His intellectual stature is well know.  His books speak for themselves.  His
>early history as a courageous revolutionary living under Nazi occupation in
>Belguim is also known, at least among Trotskyists. (Yet here his actions
>appeared to be more symbolic than effective, certainly when compared to
>Communist resistence movements in the same period).  His leadership role in
>the Fourth International also obvious.

Like it happens many times he was not enough appreciated in his own country,
Belgium. The reason is not far to search. Except a famous econmist he was a
revolutionary and didn(t care to say he was member of a very little
political movement in Belgium.
What touched me was his humanity and how he could explain difficult things
I was at his funeral in Antwerp and there were many letters and messages of
all parts of the world
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