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Thu Oct 26 00:30:01 MDT 1995

Valerie Scatamburlo wrote:

> 	But Jerry, .... <snip>
 - in your orginal post YOU NEVER conceded that the current
> leadership of Quebec might be 'reactionary'. Instead you harkened back to a
> memory you had of previous drives for Quebec's sovereignty and you brought up
> the events of the 1970s .... <snip>

That was not my "original" post on this thread. You responded to the
"original" post with the phrase "knee-jerk."

Are we approaching agreement? No. Your support for Jim J's position
suggests that we are not. The underlying issue is how Marxists relate to
nationalist movement (even with reactionary leaders). This is an issue
that has come up on other threads as well. I consider it to be an issue
at least as significant as the issue of how we understand fascism.


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