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Wed Oct 25 09:50:22 MDT 1995

> Also, you will find disagreements in the CofC around "American" questions
> as well. They will be debated out in public, just the way the Bolsheviks
> used to. Angela Davis has one position on the MMM, Carl Davidson another
> and I a third. We don't have a "party line" decided by some guru or gurus
> somewhere in a national office and then passed down to the ranks through
> a party newspaper. If a socialist party is built in the United States,
> the newspaper must function like Lenin's Iskra: a place where different
> tendencies *within* Marxism can argue out the developing program for an
> American socialist revolution.
> All that is needed is discipline when the time comes for mass actions,
> strikes, etc.

But your example over the MMM is rather good, it seems to me.
You don't have any common politics, so you can't intervene as
an organisation around the MMM.

Not intervening means not growing - and even if you do grow,
if you can't intervene, so what ? In practise you are no
different to a group of individuals.

We have plenty of disagreements - but on the basis of a common set
of politics, and then we all act together - and as a result, we
do grow :-)


Adam Rose

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