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Thu Oct 26 08:02:17 MDT 1995

On Thu, 26 Oct 1995, Doug Henwood wrote:

> If lumping together distinct cultures is wrong, then how is Latino
> conceptually different from Hispanic? Is "lumping together" different from
> being "all-inclusive"? And how about the indigenous peoples? Is calling
> them Latin - words don't come much more Euro than Latin - proper?
The Chicano activists I used to associate with in Houston in the mid 70's
said that they despised the word "Hispanic" because it reminded them of
cop jargon. (A Hispanic suspect was observed breaking and entering
into....) The question is not so much conceptual as political. When
oppressed groups decide that a particular word that describes them as a
group is obnoxious (Negro, Hispanic, etc.), members of the majority
oppressing group should respect their wishes and use the word that is
preferable. By accomodating folks over really *paltry* issues like this, it
allows more important problems to be explored and resolved. (Now, of course,
the question of whether whites as a whole oppress Blacks and Latinos as a
whole is an important question, but I suggest we defer this for our next

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