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Rethinking MARXISM announces an International Conference ....


December 5--8 (Thursday--Sunday), 1996
University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Call for Papers and Session Proposals

PURPOSE: The editors of Rethinking MARXISM announce the third in the series
of international conferences. The first two conferences, attended by over
one thousand persons each, brought together under a common tent many
different voices of the Left from around the world. "Marxism Now:
Traditions and Difference," held in 1989, created a forum where new,
heterogeneous directions in Marxism and the Left could be debated after the
end of orthodox uniformity.  In 1992, the conference "Marxism in the New
World Order: Crises and Possibilities" confronted directly the
challenges--theoretical, organizational, and spiritual--which face the Left
and Marxism as the millennium nears.

The editors of Rethinking MARXISM intend this third conference on the
"Politics and Languages of Contemporary Marxism" to open new and creative
spaces for political and scholarly interventions.  The global restructuring
of social relations now taking place (which some call a new offensive of
"capital"), and the accompanying new crises and forms of resistance that,
in a more or less systemic way, affect the lives of people the world over,
require a strategy of cooperative dialogue between and among diverse
Marxian and other communities of struggle.  It is in the dialectics of
these varied notions and forms of community, and in the struggles to
wrestle them from the hegemony of bourgeois discourse, that the future of
Marxism lies.  The purpose of "Politics and Languages of Contemporary
Marxism" is both to continue the ongoing dialogue among all already
existing Marxisms and to nurture the development of new visions of
community that will serve our shared hopes for a more ethical and
uncomprimisingly humane world.

STRUCTURE:  The conference will be held over four days, beginning  at noon
on Thursday, December 5 and ending in early afternoon on Sunday, December
8.  There will be concurrent sessions, art installations, and plenaries
throughout the conference.  We invite the submission of sessions that
follow non traditional formats and are open to dialogue among and between
presenters and audience, such as workshops and roundtables. We encourage
those working in areas which intersect with Marxism such as feminism,
cultural and literary studies, queer theory, postcolonial studies, and
around the issues of race and ethnicity, to submit proposals.  We also
encourage the submission of sessions with all forms of artistic and
literary modes of meaning. The plenary sessions will be interspersed
throughout the conference and each plenary session will be limited to no
more than two speakers.

SPONSORSHIP:  The conference is sponsored by Rethinking MARXISM:  a journal
of economics, culture, and society.

LOGISTICS:  The Conference will be held on the campus of the University of
Massachusetts at Amherst. Detailed information on hotel accomodations and
travel directions will be provided to all conference registrants.

PUBLICATIONS: Selected papers, poems, and other forms of presentation from
the conference will be published in Rethinking MARXISM and/or in a separate
edited volume of contributions.

REGISTRATION:  Registration fees will be as follows.  All conference
participants will be required to register.

                        Preregistration         On Site
                        regular/low-income      regular/low-income

Full conference         $50/$30                 $60/$40
two days                $40/$25                 $45/$30
one day                 $25/$15                 $30/$15

SUBMISSION PROPOSALS:  Send submission proposals to:  Stephen Cullenberg,
Department of Economics, University of California, Riverside, CA 92521,

The deadline for submission proposals is August 15, 1996.


Stephen Cullenberg                              tel:  (909) 787-5037  x1573
Department of  Economics                        fax:  (909) 787-5685
University of California                        scullen at
Riverside, CA 92521

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