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Update info about Japan Socialist Party.
On the November issue of 'Socialism'(monthly magazine of Socialist
Association), Akira Yamafuji (chief of the bureau, SA) writes:

"At the vote for the proposal<*> by the delegates from 24 prefectures,
the chairman counted 108 carelesslly and didn't count the number of
the attendance although nearly half of the attendance stood up."

This proves that the dissolvation of JSP was decided very undemocratically.

He continues to write:

"In reconstruction of the party, we must aim to construct a party that
holds the basic characters and ideas of 'a party defending the constitution,
non-armed independent foreign policy','a party confronting total capital',
'a workers' party' and 'an equal and democratic party'."

"the ideas and policies of JSP to be defended:

<defending the constitution, non-armed independent foreign policy>
 The foreign policy of non-armed independence that JSP has been holding
since its foundation was provided in the constitution regarding
the self-criticism of Japan's invasion and colonialism, the disaster by
the war. We clarify the position of defending the constitution and insist
on the dissolvation of the self-defence forces that are opposite to the
constitution, on the abolishment of Japan-US security pact and on the
conclusion of Japan-US friendship pact.

<confronting total capital>
>From the position of total labor, the party must confront total capital.
The party also confront LDP and Shinshin-To with policies of anti-nukes,
disarmament, welfare and tax reform. The party enforces the environment and
human right struggle against the monopoly corporations that prefer
development and profit. So the party refuses the easy coalition with

<a workers' party>
As an organized political party based upon broad range of working people with
working class at the center point, the party aims the representation of a
socialist society finally. Currently the party does its best to defend
peace and democracy, to upgrade working people's life.

<an equal and democratic party>
The party extends the internal party democracy that is to be respectfull,
not only adopting all members' election of the chairman, by constructing
an equal and democratic political methodology.

"(end of quote)

<*> On September 21, Social Democratic Party of Japan decided to dissolve
itself and form a new democratic liberal party untill the end of October.
In the temporal party conference on that day, delegates from 24 districts
proposed an altanative proposition but it was defeated by 108 to 250.

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