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An excellent background source is:

Nolte, Ernst, _Three Faces of Fascism: Action Francaise, Italian
Fascism, National Socialism_, Leila Vennewitz, trans., New York and
Scarborough, Mentor--New American Library, 1969 (first published in
Germany under the title _Der Faschismus in seiner Epoche: Die Action
francaise, Der italienische Faschismus, Der Nationalsozialismus_ by
R. Piper & Co. Verlag, Munich, 1963)

This title is an impressive survey of three variants of fascism. It
presupposes, however, that the reader has extensive knowledge of
European history; without that knowledge, one can, in some sections,
get lost or bogged down in minutiae. Nonetheless, this is one of the
best books I've seen for an understanding of fascism, its social
character, and how it operated. Note: including footnotes and biblio,
Three Faces... runs to almost 700 pages.

I'm planning to report on _Hitler's World View: A Bluprint for Power_
by Eberhard Ja"ckel, a study of Hitler's intellectual system and its
evolution. Although not on the reading list, this is a valuable book
and makes for some fascinating reading.

While short on analysis, Hugh Trevor-Roper's _Last Days of Adolf
Hitler_ offers some psycho-historical insight; ditto _Hitler's Table
Talk_ (H. T-R). Alas, the latter might be OP--haven't seen a copy
in years.

And of course, Shirer's _Rise and Fall of the Third Reich_ and
_Berlin Diaries_ gives substantial historical data. Berlin Diaries
is, as the title implies, a personalized eyewitness account.

And finally, I'd urge someone to take on Reich's _Mass Psychology
of Fascism_. It's quirkey as Reich was quirky, but contains more than
a kernal of truth.

--Bill Koehnlein
New York Marxist School
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> This is a revised *core* list of books that we need reporters for,
> including those that we have reporters for already. There can and should
> be more than one reporter per book. Also, this list is *not exclusive*.
> Everybody should bring to the cyberseminar book reports that they
> think reveal special insights on fascism.
> Please fill in your name, if you are interested, next to the appropriate
> slot and send it back to me.
> 1. Prefascism:
> K. Marx, "18th Brumaire"
> Reporters: ________________________
> C. Vann Woodward, "Tom Watson Agrarian Rebel"
> Reporters: Louis, ____________________
> 2. Fascism:
> Leon Trotsky, "The Struggle Against Fascism"
> Reporters: ___________________________
> Daniel Guerin, "Fascism and Big Business"
> Reporters: ___________________________
> Nicos Poulantzas: (Hinrich Kuhls should suggest the key titles)
> Reporters: _____________________________
> "Cultural Theory, etc." (I'm not sure of the titles, I will allow Jon
> Beasley-Murray, Marxist/Cultural Theorist extrodinaire and list founder
> to come up with something)
> Reporters: Jon Beasley-Murray, ___________________________
> 3. Postfascism:
> James Ridgeway, "Blood in the Face".
> Reporters: ________________________________
> James Baldwin, "The Fire Next Time".
> Reporters: ________________________________
> Malcolm X, "Autobiography".
> Reporters: ____________________________________
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