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Lisa Rogers eqwq.lrogers at email.state.ut.us
Thu Oct 26 15:55:47 MDT 1995

>- Anything in the `Book of Mormon' I might be able to use on one of
>those crew-cut tag-teams that keeps coming around to my

Okay, I confess, I'm "coming out" now, hate to admit it -- I'm an
ex-mormon!  But I'm not about to crack that book again, even in such
a noble cause.

Basically it is a parallel to the Bible, including the use of
biblical mistranslations and such as well as the plot and climax, but
the story takes place in the Americas.  If anybody really wants a
precis of "the Book of Mormon story", just ask.

But for fending off missionaries, just tell them to come back after
"the Church" stops the suppression of the goddess movement within
mormonism, allows full academic freedom for professors at BYU, admits
women to priesthood powers and brings back polygamy in a
sex-symmetric way, i.e. not just polygyny, but also polyandry, just
as legit.

Is that enough ammo?

Not that I personally support all these things, but any one of these
should prove a more interesting topic than the stuff they've got in
their little lesson books.  Some of these topics are seriously hot
items in the heart of Zion lately.  [Did you know that's what they
call Salt Lake City, or Utah in general?]  There have been several
notorious excommunications in SLC and in Provo [BYU], in the last two

And never let them get started with the flip-charts.

Lisa "there's no mormonism-hater like an ex-mormon" Rogers

PS. Official church name is "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints", or LDS church for short.  "Mormon" is common usage among
mormons, and not considered a derogatory name.  Momos and nons in
Utah very commonly just refer to "the Church".  There is rarely any
confusion about which church is referred to, as in "there is little
separation between the Church and the State of Utah".

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