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>  It would be important for example for us to analyze the regimes of Harold
>Washington, David Dinkins or here in Oakland Elihu Harris, etc.   Perhaps

Dinkins was a dismal failure. He lost the election in large part because
black voters stayed home. His regime was largely an austerity one - social
spending cut, but cops & jails boosted. I once interviewed Allan Proctor,
then the head of the state Financial Control Board, for a piece I was doing
for the Village Voice. Proctor, no bleeding heart, said "considering who
you're writing for you might want to question the mayor's priorities." I
asked, "you mean boost cops & jails and cut everything else?" and he
replied, "You said that, I didn't."

Dinkins' political roots are in the Harlem elite. That Harlem elite has
been disgracefully complicit in the "war on drugs," which has meant in
practice the jailing of huge numbers of young black men. Dinkins himself
blocked needle exchange programs, a stance that probably killed hundreds or

When a bunch of Wall Streeters asked Dinkins during his 1989 campaign if he
was tough enough to cut spending on some of his prime constituents -
municipal workers and the poor - Dinkins replied, "Don't worry. They'll
take it from me." They did, but then they stayed home 4 years later, giving
us the vile Giuliani.



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