Poulantzas and Wood

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Sat Oct 28 08:15:56 MDT 1995

On Sat, 28 Oct 1995, David McInerney wrote:

> Shawgi Tell wrote:
> >Hinrich, have read Ellen Meiksins Wood's book, "The Retreat From Class"
> >(London: Verso, 1986).  Chapter 3, *The Forerunner: Nicos Poulantzas*,
> >locates some modern anti-working-class trends specifically in
> >Poulantzas's work.
> Shawgi,
> A more appropriate question is, have *you* read Poulantzas???????
> David McInerney,

David while this is an appropriate question, it does not mean (and
correct me if I'm wrong or putting words in your mouth) that Poulantzas
is immune from acid-tongue, scientific and literary criticism.  I have
read selected works from Poulantzas, but critics can and do maintain the
integrity of his views when criticizing him.  Also, many of us know that
Poulantzas developed important insights.

Shawgi Tell
University at Buffalo
Graduate School of Education

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