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Robert Perrone perrone1 at igc.apc.org
Sun Oct 29 15:13:44 MST 1995

I must admit that, of the many times I have posted something in
response to a post of yours, I have been rather insulting.  For that,
I apologize.  To be frank however, I perceive your writings to be
somewhat pretentious.  I will try to set aside my perceptions so that
I can speak to the issues you raise.
I don't know if you were referring to me in the post on "various and
sundry items," but I will respond anyway.  I believe there is no
scientific basis for the concept of race and if you can provide any
evidence to the contrary, please point me to the sources.  More and
more anthropologists, (no, I cannot name any at this time, although a
recent front page article in the Sacramento Bee about this very topic
citing anthropologists and social scientists tended to substantiate
my belief) are revisting the concept of "race" and suggesting that
it has outlived its usefullness, if it ever had any at all.  I
believe the concept tends to classify peoples according to the color
of their skin and that it provides a rationale for certain charlatans
to make claims about the inherent intelligence or lack thereof of
certain "races."  The concept of the innate intelligence of any group of
people has been proven false.
Now, if the concept of "race" has no basis in science, then giving it
up should be seen as a step forward for the struggle of the
emancipation of the working class.  Revolutionaries should not hold
on to false, unscientific concepts.  And because I would argue
against the validity of "race" as a concept does not mean I am
therefore arguing for, or support a concept of a "color blind"
society.  Your argument there is specious.  What I do support is the
concept of ethnicities and cultures, two categories that I believe
to be more scientific than "race."
Robert Perrone

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