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Mon Oct 30 07:53:07 MST 1995

An addendum from Adolph Reed:

>Maybe I'm obsessing about this Casey stuff, but I forgot to mention that my
>public intellectuals article was long since commissioned and in fact in to
>the editor in draft before either Boynton's Atlantic piece or Wieseltier's
>appeared, and I had no foreknowledge of either. And Joe Wood at the Voice,
>who is equally affronted by the shamming of the black public intellectual
>crowd, had been after me to do the piece for over a year.
>And how does Casey see my MMM article as being mainly a slam of Cornel and
>pals, when they're one small graph in the article? Is that all he reads
>for? And how does he justify their opportunism in this instance? He can't
>deny it; Cornel was on national tv deflecting criticism of LF by claiming,
>erroneously, that quotes attributed to him actually were made by Khallid
>Muhammad, and Dyson did allege on Nightline that the MMM was against sexism
>and homophobia. Both defended the patriarchal premises of the march. Or is
>this going to be another version of de Man: "Yes, the articles appear
>pro-Nazi, and it was a Nazi newspaper, but if you read them closely and
>hold them up to the light, you'll see that they really were a clever
>subversion of the ideology".



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