The working class and the war in Yugoslavia

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I reply to the discussion between Bryan Alexander and Lorenzo Penya on
Yugoslavia. It' squite "old" but I can read the messages only after several
days, thank to the local BBS which has an Internet Gateway, as for me it's
quite impossible to load the "Current file". (I already wrote it, asking for
a personal mailing to me of the messages).
First: where I stand. I appreciated the large amount of historical etnichal
information given by Lorenzo, but still I think the reasons of the war(s)
are not the ideological, ethical principles.
The general crisis of the accumulation's cycle is at the very root of the
economical - first- and political crisis of the Federation.
". In each of the republics local CP bosses sought a means to keep hold of
political power
 In the poorest and worst hit areas (Kosovo, Macedonia) the political gangs
began to raise their reactionary nationalist banners. They demanded
'autonomous' local administrations so it would be easier to get their
political rake offs.
 In the richest republics (Croatia Slovenia) the local bourgeoisie began to
claim the entire wealth produced by the workers in their area and demanded
an end to contributions to the central state authorities
 In Belgrado (the old Yugoslav capital) Milosevic, the Serb President, began
to equate the ''defence of the integrity of Yugoslavia" with the call for a
Greater Serbia" (see the IBRP statement previously posted to this list).
All the discussion on self-determination is thus un-appropriate to the issue.
The revolutionary communists today should be fed up of talking of
self-determination of.. the nations.

1. Decades after decades, wars after wars, massacres after massacres we have
seen enough self-determination which helped in nothing the growing of the
class struggle, the rise af advanced capital,... and so on. When will the
claimed marxists talk of and push the self-determination of the working class?
Do you remember Algeria? and Vietnam? and Laos? and Angola, Mozambico,
Cambodja, Nicaragua....?

2. Even the Lenin's views of self-determination should be situated in the
real political context, which is not purely theoretic.
Lenin supported the national struggles not for general moral principles
which could be rejected and have been actually rejected (by Sultan Zadeh and
Roy for instance, at the Third Congress) in the name of the class division
of every nation. He supported the national struggles in the perspective to
link them to the international general fight against the imperialism, and so
directly to the III International's politics.
Have we now (and since long) any Communist International actively fighting
against capitalism? Have we since long a proletarian revolutionary bastion
which to bound the national struggles to? No.
And still Roy was right saying that the Comintern should support nothing but
the communist proletarian movements inside the national struggles. He was
right also because the history proved him right.

"The right to secession is one I, as others on this list know,
have always supported. In the case of Yugoslavia, we must understand why
Yugoslavs would want to flee the Milosevic regime at all costs."
wrote Bryan A.

The Yugoslavs?  Who? The "local political bodies ranging from municipalities
to republics' assemblies"? What have they to do with the local working class?
Has been only Milosevic who "systematically crushed labor unrest;
allowed/worked for an increasing divergence of wealth between the classes" -
or the same has been done by the self-determining Croatian, Slovenjian
ruling classes?
"Why not oppose this monster (Milosevic) with armed force?" asks Bryan.
Right question, but for the croatian and slovenjan bougeoisies. The working
class should oppose with armed force that and the other monsters. But it
doesn't, I hear. Right. And in this case what has to be done by the marxists?
Take place in one front or the other one of the war, Bryan answers.
Exposing any nationalism (expecially here where it is a simple
mystification), calling the workers to the struggles beyond the borders, on
the bases of their own class interestes, opposing the war up to the
revolutionary defeatism - I reply.
Rev. greetings
Mauro Junior
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